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SYSGuard 6001 provides you with monitoring critical environmental and electrical parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage etc. It is a professional solution that allows the integration of external devices such as CRAC, UPS, transformer, generator for energy management purposes via SNMP & MODBUS and analogue input signals. You can control your entire IT infrastructure thanks to the main unit, a wide range of sensor options and dry contact connections.


Advanced Solution

Our solution, which allows the IT infrastructure of your medium and large-scale Data Center to be secured with a wide range of sensor options and 3rd party (external) device integration, allows professional monitoring and management of environmental parameters with a user-friendly interface, an optional advanced central management software provides high-level monitoring and management.



Key Features

 Linux Based Operating System  Ensures stable operation and future expansion thanks to the secure operating system
 Advanced Web Interface  User-friendly and feature-rich customizable interface for individual access
 Digital Auto-Calibrated Sensors  Stable sensors that are our own design with high precision and automatically calibrate numerically
 Graphic LCD Display  High-resolution graphic display
 Easy Plug & Play Sensor  Easy Sensor installation and commissioning