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Exagate was established as an R&D company in 2010 to create environment monitoring and control solutions in Data Centers. Today, it offers smart and value-added, general and custom-made solutions in the form of environment monitoring, power distribution units and energy systems management, especially to high density and complex information infrastructures such as Data Centers, multi-branch businesses and remote stations in Telecom & GSM infrastructures.

Since 2010, we have been developing products that always contain the most up-to-date and advanced technologies. The PDU (Power distribution unit) product series that Exagate introduced to the market in 2016 is a completely locally designed and produced high value-added product addressing data centers. PDU does not have a local alternative, at the same time, it is the only domestic product among high value-added equipment used in data centers. With its new flagship PDU product, Exagate has established an assembly – manufacturing facility to ensure high quality standards with the systems it has developed for environmental monitoring. In this facility, assembly, testing and calibration of printed circuits, electronic and mechanical parts are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. The equipment of the devices that perform the calibration in an automated manner is completely owned by Exagate and is subjected to LVD / EMC tests. Our products have ROHS, REACH declaration and CE certificate. Our company offers customer-oriented environment monitoring products with DCIM software developed in-house. Exagat to Turkey market environment monitoring, energy monitoring and owned MV, IP PDU and varieties are unbeatable products in diameter. Exagate offers high technology solutions that keep the service time at the maximum level in order to prevent data loss that may arise from changes in environment parameters in the IT infrastructure and to ensure energy efficiency. In addition, bespoke software and hardware solutions for special informatics and telecom projects constitute an important part of the product range. Exagate has made it a mission to provide high technology solutions by taking into consideration the energy efficiency (PUE) in order to maximize the service time in IT (Information Technologies) informatics infrastructures of data centers and remote stations.



EXAGATE has made it a mission to provide high technology solutions by considering ENERGY EFFICIENCY and ENVIRONMENT MONITORING solutions in order to maximize the SERVICE TIME in IT infrastructures of DATA CENTERS and REMOTE STATIONS.

Exagate offers digital energy and automation solutions for efficiency and portability. We combine energy technology, real-time automation, software and services in integrated solutions for data computers, infrastructure and industries.



In line with the goal of becoming a global player in the field, Exagate has taken the first steps to create the organization and infrastructure to design its own products in its establishment year, taking into account the changing market and competition conditions, while making infrastructure improvements and capacity increases and improving quality processes.

With import substitution oriented growth strategy, Exagate become the leading company in Turkey. Later in the period, research and development and design work will be done on the one hand reinforce the leading position in Turkey exports on the other hand, it is to become a global company with new products and technologies that sustain and improve the content of products and services. It carries out studies in line with the strategy of Exagate to become an important player in the field of environment monitoring, energy monitoring, battery monitoring and line monitoring control systems and solutions on a global scale.

The aim of Exagate is to constantly follow the emerging technological information and developments, internalize them very quickly, and integrate these information to the devices that fall into the company’s field of activity, before or simultaneously with global competitors, to stand out in the competition and ensure sustainable growth.

Exagate’s target is in the sectors it is currently working in and the sectors it will work in the future; To develop environmentally friendly products that are innovative, competitive, easy to use and provide customer satisfaction. The main purpose of the company is to add world-class products within the product group during the development of technologies and to maintain the company’s leadership in its market and make it global.


As Exagate, we produce reliable products that meet current technologies and customer expectations and provide after-sales service.

Based on the philosophy of continuous improvement and development, we increase the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete internationally.

Based on the ISO 9001 standards of our quality management system, we develop EMC / LVD tests and CE certified products with ROHS and REACH declaration.

To ensure that our products and services are followed by international international legislation and other relevant provisions.

Realization of innovative and encouraging trainings that will increase technical and social competencies with managing our activities in the fields of environmental and occupational health and safety management, environmental monitoring throughout Turkey, our leadership in the technology industry examples touted as an organization we are committed to.