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Data Center Outages and Risks

Nowadays, data centers are more interconnected and when you add cloud and increased data amount, you get a mountain of data moving in and out of data centers across the earth. Over the last decade the use of modern systems and processes improved the reliability of data centers. But customers concerned about the growing risk of catastrophic failures as the dangers of workload and data being concentrated in larger data centers.

Uptime Institute’s annual survey shows that only 10% of the respondents experienced serious outages whereas it was 14% in the previous year (2019). While on-site power systems causing the majority of the power related problems, the root of the problem arises from the systems to prevent such problems such as UPS and ATS. While power related problems remain to be the biggest cause of significant site outages, there are three other causes that stand out as particularly problematic;
• Cooling Failures
• Software / IT System Error
• Network Issues

Are some of the causes that remains on high percentage. Reports show that failures of uninterruptible power systems, automatic transfer switches and generators are the most reported culprits of data center power outages.

About fifth of all outages are classified as serious by organizations that experiences them. Research shows that cost of an outage has been steadily rising in the recent years. On average over 40% of the outages costing more than $100.000 on an hourly rate. Since demand for capacity and digital services expected to exponentially increase the cost of any outage expected to be higher in coming years.

As the world becomes more dependent on IT services, reliability is going to require and will receive greater developments. Here in Exagate, we are developing technologies that are proactively benefits your IT equipment and data center alike.