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Effect of smart pdu and sensors on data centers

Today, data centers are looking for innovative methods to meet the increasing power consumption. For this reason, data center managers have started to prefer IP PDU, Smart Power Monitoring Systems, and IP PDU sensors, also known as Smart Plugs, to control power consumption. The main purpose of using these technologies is to control the power consumed by data centers and to reduce their expenses, as well as to create data centers in accordance with the "Green Energy" protocol.

Within the framework of the global data center PDU market research projected for 2017-2026, only part of the turnover obtained in 2018 that belongs to PDU has reached 1.9 billion dollars. It is predicted that the growth that the PDU market will have on the basis of investments until 2026 will reach 7% annually in the next 7 years.

Another service provided by Exagate’s IP PDUs is that they can be integrated with sensors. With these sensors, it has made it possible to monitor the environment as well as instantly report energy data. Thus, it is also possible to access all kinds of environmental and energy data about data center equipment at any time. Smoke, humidity, temperature, air flow etc. Up to 4 sensors can be connected. Being able to easily report environmental factors plays a big role in extending device life and preventing possible malfunctions. Thanks to the real-time reporting and retrospective archiving features of IP PDUs and sensors, it is very easy to perform energy and environmental monitoring functions in data centers that process Big Data.

It provides services to optimize the amount of electricity consumed within the scope of energy and environmental monitoring solutions owned by Exagate, to control environmental factors and to reduce the cost of the Data Center.