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Power Usage Efficiency, also known as PUE, is a standard that was used by Green Grid in 2007 to increase efficiency in electricity consumption. PUE measurements can be made in two ways. First, PUE can be calculated by manually checking the data received from the data center to be measured, reading it periodically, and saving it in a system. The second method is that the measurements can be automatically calculated by transmitting the data received by IP PDUs from servers and energy analyzers to a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system.

Today, the importance or functionality of PUE has not been fully adopted by many data center managers. As everyone knows, having the PUE value as close to 1 as possible is one of the most important conditions for data center efficiency. When the PUE value shows 1, it shows that the power used by the devices in a data center is working at 100% efficiency.

Calculation of Power Usage Efficiency or PUE;
(Cooling + lighting + data processing devices + energy used by other electrical devices)/(Energy used by data processing equipment)

It is calculated as. For this reason, PUE can never be 1.

Another definition that is also used to measure the efficiency of data centers is Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency or DCiE. DCiE also expresses how efficiently a data center works in terms of power consumption at the efficiency rate of the value given to the PUE. The DCiE calculation is no different from PUE and it is shown as the percentage of efficiency.

(Cooling + lighting + data processing devices + energy used by other electrical devices)/(Energy used by data processing equipment) x100

The PUE value of an average data center is 2.5 within the framework of the research carried out by the Uptime Institute. This shows that only 1 watt of each 2.5 watts of electricity coming to the data processing equipment is used by the data processing equipment.

It causes productivity to fall;
• Improper cooling installation
• Not using a high-efficiency UPS
• Inefficient use of devices other than IT equipment

It is among the arrangements that can be made to keep the PUE value at efficient levels. The most important thing that can be done to improve the PUE value is that IT equipment can regularly measure this. The IP PDU that can be used for this purpose will greatly benefit by showing where and how much power consumption in data centers is consumed.

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