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Internet of Things and How it is Reshaping our Lives

Internet of Things have been in our life for a good 20 years, but how can we get the most out of IoT?
Devices with an internet connection have existed for a long time. Although, they were expensive and not very popular. Nowadays, technologies related to the internet of things have become more affordable. More and more devices are manufactured with WiFi and sensors, making it affordable for everyone who has a smartphone and install applications controlling it.

Why we should connect our refrigerator to internet? What is the point?
Every connected device generates data, which we can collect and analyze. In our homes, IoT can help you to use your resources optimally; electricity, heating, water consumption etc., imagine your fridge can understand whether its lowing low on food or drinks, better yet it can order those things to be delivered automatically.

There are many ways to use this technology. For example, you are an owner of a large store and want to understand how your employees work, what clients pay attention to, whether the warehouse is equipped properly and whether the cash departments are busy enough. Fortunately, you don’t have to track all this manually. Most Infrastructure Management System will process video surveillance cameras, RFID, tags etc. in your store, analyze it and give you information about the behavior of customers and employees.

How will it make our lives better?
The more devices, the more data, and the more opportunities for optimal resource control. IoT Sensors connected to the Internet allow you to monitor and optimize processes what was too difficult to be done formerly. We have already mentioned examples, but in fact, this applies to almost everything around.

IoT is included but not limited to;
Smart Homes
Smart Appliances
Smart Security Systems
Speaking briefly, the Internet of Things automates each process from bigger to a small one, even if it is teeth cleaning or customers’ monitoring at the enterprise. Thereby, each automated system incorporating connected devices having mutual data exchange can form the Internet of Things concept.