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How to leave a better carbon footprint; Sustainability in Data Centers

The global rise in data center industry capacity has led to a higher demand of resource use by customers, media and more recently. Data center environmental sustainability is now a concern for managers and manufacturers. For this industry is making moves to change their approach and products.

Data center sustainability is starting with resource management by resource consumption. Sustainable Data Centers designs their facilities to reduce the consumption of water and electricity via new technologies for water-cooling. Batteries and such BMS (Battery Management Systems) enable them to use fewer and longer lasting batteries. Meanwhile, working towards local power utilities to find new ways to increase the green power can use to lower their carbon footprint.

Uptime institute states that more than 80% of data center operator surveyed track data center power consumption and they also are calculating their PUE.

Among everything, electricity is the single largest operational facility cost so it’s not a big surprise that larger data centers keep a close eye on their power consumption rates and their PUE. Although, most data center owners take sustainability seriously, there are some who puts these important factors as a second plan. A simple solution for data center owners to appease cost-conscious customers is to work closely with local utilities to find more efficient way to deliver greener energy options to their product line. We then can pass the energy cost savings to the customers which in return reduce our carbon footprint.