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MOBESE outdoor cabinets are located in crowded and selected points of the city in order to reduce crime rates and to ensure security, especially in city centers. The physical and IT infrastructures of these cabinets must be in continuous operation in order to maintain their 24/7 functionality.

Thanks to the rich sensor options for Exagate SYSGuard 2001 & 3001 & 6001 main units or custom-designed main units, MOBESE enables precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, door access, smoke, shake, fan air flow and other critical parameters related to the ambient condition of the cabinet. It provides. In addition, SMARTPack allows you to centrally monitor and manage the IT infrastructures of all cabinets from a single point, by professionally performing UPS device integrations with its professional central management software.

With Exagate MOBESE cabinet monitoring solution, it professionally performs the IT infrastructures of all cabinets and the total and central monitoring and management of integrated devices such as UPS and cabinet fans, regardless of their number.