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Data center managers are looking for automation to achieve higher levels of scalability. Real-time monitoring of critical parameters of IT-infrastructures of Data Centers and remote stations, as well as vital 3rd party devices, is critical for efficient management.

Data center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solutions come into play right here. DCIM enables Data Center operators to gain a real-time view of their entire infrastructure from a single screen. These solutions offer real-time insight into IT and plant equipment, power, space and cooling capacity, asset and workflow management, and make many other metrics visible and actionable.

With the DCIM solution deployed, mission-critical facility operators can gain a clear view of real-time data on the location of their assets and the resources they pull. More importantly, they can be fully aware of where they are in the lifecycle of their assets, what changes have occurred, and other relevant and critical data. In this way, all data can be obtained from sensors and integrated devices, and detailed analysis and reporting of environmental monitoring, energy and cooling parameters, capacity utilization of your infrastructure and future traceability can be obtained. While the Central Management reveals your system operability, it also allows you to create your energy consumption strategies, which is the biggest cost factor today.