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Data Centers are a central location where computers, networking equipment and other IT equipment are concentrated to allow the collection, storage, processing, distribution or access of large amounts of data. The maximum level of service time in Data Centers makes system operability permanent. On the other hand, energy efficiency directly affects the overall performance and investment profitability.

Solutions for monitoring and managing critical environment and energy values ​​on the basis of the Data Center Cabinet and general Data Center depend on more than one variable.

In order to keep these values ​​at the desired levels, Exagate enables professional monitoring and management on the basis of data center and data center cabinet, thanks to its software and hardware, general and special solutions in the form of environmental monitoring systems, IP PDU power distribution units and energy management systems.

  • Monitoring of ambient values: temperature, humidity, water leak detection, smoke, air flow control, movement, door access and light intensity, etc.
  • Monitoring of electrical values ​​and different device values: current, voltage, power, power factor, energy consumption (thanks to smart power distribution units) and 3rd party device integration (e.g. UPS, transformer, generator, air conditioning systems – sensitive air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems etc.)
  • SMS, e-mail and voice call etc. Transmission of alarm information to predefined points by methods such as
  • Monitoring and management of all centers and branches from a single center with predefined user levels



  • Professional recording and reporting of the created values
  • Monitoring of IP cameras

You can see the products available for each data center and IT infrastructure, from large to small, offered by Exagate. For detailed information, please contact us.