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Seamless continuity is an important element in operational locations with critical business infrastructures, such as data centers, data processing rooms and data distribution panels or remote stations. The maintenance, service and cleaning of these areas are important in terms of avoiding malfunctions and extending the life of the equipment.

For this reason, energy and cooling devices of high importance, which are included in the IT infrastructures of Data Centers and Remote Stations and operate independently, should be monitored professionally on the media competence. If equipment with such critical tasks is not properly controlled, it is inevitable that data centers will lose efficiency in the continuity of the working time, which is one of the biggest problems faced by data centers. Thanks to the sensors in Exagate’s wide product family and our company’s SMARTPack software, in white areas where servers and critical equipment are located; It can obtain the desired data by communicating with dry contacts and other physical connections through protocols such as SNMP, RS-232, RS-485.

With SMARTPack smart software and sensors, environment control of transformers, power generators, UPS, sensitive air conditioners, 3rd party IP PDUs, energy analyzers, ATS, rectifier and similar devices are provided. For detailed information, please refer to the products link. Click to contact our sales representative.