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Energy consumption is the most important problem of Data Centers and Remote Stations and must be well monitored and managed. Being aware of the importance of this issue, Exagate offers complete POWERGuard IP PDU, Inline Meter smart power distribution units and SMARTPack central management software solution. In this way, you can determine the right energy budgets and reduce energy costs. Exagate POWERGuard IP PDU group and Inline Meter allow you to monitor and manage the following critical parameters.


  • Cabinet Energy Supply
  • Energy Use Efficiency (PUE)
  • Energy consumption
  • Carbon footprint
  • Energy Costs
  • UPS Load

Exagate POWERGuard PDU and Inline Meter power distribution and measurement units, thanks to its product family and related rich sensor options, can precisely monitor the cabinet’s energy and ambient conditions in a precise manner such as V, A, kWh, temperature, humidity, door access, smoke, water leakage. ensures precise monitoring of parameters. In addition, SMARTPack allows you to centrally monitor and manage all cabinets and 3rd party devices in your IT infrastructure with its professional central management software.