Exagate > Environment Monitoring

Exagate offers professional solutions for monitoring critical environment parameters of data cabinets and system rooms as Multi-Branch or individual. Temperature, humidity, water leak or flood, smoke, air flow, movement, shake, door access and light intensity level, etc., thanks to various and different sensors. critical parameters can be monitored.

Our solution, which allows the IT infrastructure of your medium and large-scale Data Center to be secured with a wide range of sensor options and 3rd party (external) device integration, allows professional monitoring and management of environmental parameters with a user-friendly interface, an optional advanced It provides high level monitoring and management together with central management software.

STEP 1 – Monitoring

Hardware monitoring with Main Units and Sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity

  • Water leak or flood (via Water Detection cable)
  • Air flow
  • Energy analysis, voltage, current, frequency, reactive power, capacitive power, power factor, etc. over 3 phases.
  • Smoke
  • Door status, open / closed

  • Motion Detector
  • Proximity Pass Integration
  • IP camera

  • All dry contact & digital input support
  • All analog input support
  • Software monitoring via SMARTPack Software, all different types of device integrations (RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, Jbus etc … and SNMP)

  • UPS, Generator, Fine Air Conditioner, Rectifier, Energy Analyzers, Telecom Equipment etc.….

STEP 2 – Alarm Notification

  • SMS

  • E-mail
  • Voice call
  • Via SMARTPack Software
  • Signal Tower and Audible Warning
  • Via LCD module
  • SNMP trap via network etc …


STEP 3 – Management

  • Hardware based management
  • Air conditioners, lighting ship owners, any external 3rd party device on the electrical infrastructure of electronic devices can be electrically switched on and off via the Exagate relay output or can be managed through the Exagate power distribution unit PDU.
  • Software based management
  • Any external 3rd party device, if it supports RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, SNMP etc. It can be managed over connections and protocols.

STEP 4 – Reporting & Analysis

  • Creating periodic analysis reports.
  • Risk Management
  • Control of infrastructure costs
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing the service quality

Exagate SYSGuard 2001 & 3001 & 6001 main units and related rich sensor options allow precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, door access, smoke, shake, fan air flow, water leakage and other important parameters related to the ambient condition of the cabinet. In addition, SMARTPack allows you to centrally monitor and manage all cabinets and 3rd party devices in your IT infrastructure with its professional central management software.