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IP PDUs are networked power distribution units that increase the efficiency of data centers with real-time remote power monitoring. By providing a smarter IT infrastructure, IP PDUs can prevent problems before they arise. They reduce the cost thanks to the advantages they bring to the working time in terms of price performance. These PDUs consist of 4 main groups.

Metered IP PDU – measures the total current, allowing the data obtained both locally and over the network to be displayed locally and over the network

Metered & Switched IP PDU -> Total current IP PDU with circuit breaker can make sense by measuring the total current, while it can be switched on and off remotely thanks to its hydraulic magnetic relay and enables local or network management for emergencies.

Outlet Metered IP PDU – provides measurement per socket as well as total current measurement, allowing the energy consumption of each connected device to be monitored both locally and over a network.

Outlet Metered & Switched IP PDU – These PDUs, which can measure total and per socket, have local and network control and on / off functions thanks to their relay feature.

If we talk about the technical features of each IP PDU;


  • Measuring Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Real Power, Energy (kWh), Power Factor
  • 1% measurement accuracy
  • Ability to maintain measurement accuracy up to 60 ° C
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Network connection with RJ-45
  • Cascade feature
  • Ambient monitoring sensor support – up to 4 smoke, humidity, temperature, air flow etc.




One of the most important values ​​that a data center should pay attention to is the PUE of the data center. PUE is power usage efficiency or power usage efficiency. PUE is calculated as the ratio of the total energy consumed by a facility to the IT staff in that facility. PUE should be an average value over a year in order to properly assess the effect of ambient temperature when calculating. The PUE is intended to be used to document the efficiency of an individual data center over time. IP PDUs play a critical role in calculating this PUE value spent in the data center, thanks to their embedded linux software. It is among the arrangements that can be made to keep the PUE value at efficient levels. The most important application that can be done to improve the PUE value is that IT equipment can regularly measure this. The IP PDU that can be used for this will greatly benefit in showing where and how much power consumption in data centers is consumed. Please click on the link to see energy monitoring solutions as Exagate.