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Exagate solutions were introduced to the world at Data Center World Frankfurt!

Exagate, which is developing data center-specific solutions such as environmental monitoring, power distribution units, and energy systems, attended the Data Center World Frankfurt Show in Germany last week. Exagate, which welcomed over 10,000 industry representatives, participated in the fair, which included over 300 international businesses and over 200 live sessions, and once again demonstrated its confidence in its technology by presenting its solutions to the world.

Exagate, founded in 2010 as an R & D firm and now exporting to many regions around the world, is known for dominating the market with the solutions provide products that are used in data centre projects of significant enterprises. "The rapidly increasing data centers around the world have also revealed the demand for minimal harm to the environment and nature," said Can Özdilek, Business Development Manager of Exagate, which has increased its activities around the world and opened the Dutch office last year, as well as the market leadership achivement in Turkey.He also added ; “The companies that construct data centers had noticed this sensitivity and begun to focus on green data centers. In near future, practically all businesses will regard the installation of high-energy metering systems utilised in data center projects as an unavoidable requirement. Since its inception, Exagate has paid attention to energy monitoring and shaped own solutions accordingly. Our company provides energy-measuring instruments for efficiency and sustainability, as well as software and services for data centers, infrastructure, and businesses. It seeks to improve high-tech solutions by focusing on energy efficiency in order to maximise service duration of data centers in information infrastructures. In addition to direct energy monitoring,Exagate environmental monitoring systems analyse physical elements such as temperature, humidity, smoke and liquid detection in white areas and convey this information to the appropriate personnel. Thus, in the event of a potential disaster, it helps to prevent the data center from shutting down or slowing down and ensures that it remains operational at all times.”

Exagate Solutions Are Highly Appreciated by Visitors!
Exagate, which accelerated its R & D and P & D activities by considering the world standards and the needs of the future in the business, received full marks from the participants at Data Centre World Frankfurt. With the its new collaborations which have been established, Exagate will soon start to make a name for itself with large projects and will continue to grow its team and increase the investments with the aim of presenting its products in several data center projects all over the world, especially in Europe.