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Group sockets designed for small-scale system rooms and floor cabinets with Exagate energy monitoring solutions offer reliable energy solutions for your system rooms with their durable and reliable design.


Product Details

With its scalable product range, Exagate can be mounted horizontally and vertically in 1U, 2U rack cabinets and thanks to its aluminum profile, it is resistant to corrosion and high temperature, and is long-lasting. Exagate group sockets with high product quality with three-phase and single-phase options compatible with C13, C19, UK (Type-G) socket and Schuko socket groups provide high quality service in energy transmission for small-scale System rooms.





A distinctive design with its thin profile structure, 45 mm depth and 45 mm width.





Temperature Resistance

Stable operation up to 60 degrees and stable reading of measured values.


Special Production Socket Combinations

Special production possibility with different C13, C19, UK (Type-G) socket, Schuko socket options.


Energy Monitoring with Optional Ammeter Options

Optional on-site measurement with integrated ammeter.


Single phase, 3 phase options

Three-phase and single-phase 16A / 32A options