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Battery monitoring systems are smart monitoring equipment designed for batteries and battery groups used in UPS, Data Centers, Telecom Base Stations, and Solar Energy Storage units. Thanks to its built-in web server and mobile compatible web interface, it enables to monitor the battery and battery groups to which they are connected and to report their status



Central Monitoring

  • Central management of multiple sites and large amount of batteries
  • Up to 5000 monitoring

24/7 monitoring and balancing, real-time battery alarm.

  • Online monitoring: Voltage, internal temperature, internal resistance, current and discharge current, battery failure state of charge (SOH), state of charge of the battery (SOC)
  • Battery balancing by providing automatic balancing of battery strings with online balancing feature prolongs its life.


System + Mobile Compatible + SMS and E-mail alarms in one

  • Remote management facility with mobile compatible web interface
  • Multiple SMS and E-mail alarm sending

Easy to install and use

  • Ease of installation thanks to the browser and server layout
  • User-friendly interface.


  • String Voltage
  • String Current
  • String charge and discharge status
  • Automatic battery balancing function
  • Support for up to 120 battery monitoring sensors


  • Battery temperature monitoring
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Battery current monitoring
  • Battery internal resistance measurement
  • Monitoring the charge and discharge status of the battery
  • Monitoring battery failure status
  • Automatic battery balancing function



  • Embedded Web-server and Database
  • Access to 4 strings and up to 480 sensors
  • Battery and battery string alarm
  • Retrospective data and alarm recording
  • Automatic battery balancing function
  • SMS alarm
  • 2 Ethernet ports, Modbus TCP and SNMP communication
  • Ambient temperature and humidity measurement support



Real-Time Monitoring

  • Battery temperature, battery voltage, internal resistance, internal temperature, SOC and SOH monitoring,
  • Battery string voltage, load and discharge current, SOC monitoring
  • Ambient temperature and humidity (DO, DI, AI)
  • Balance status
  • Battery string status
  • Number of batteries



  • Real-time battery failure notification via SMS and E-mail
  • Adjustable alarm degrees for battery voltage, internal temperature, internal resistance SOC
  • Adjustable alarm degrees for battery lever voltage, current, SOC
  • System alarm, data base, print, communication error, etc.

Retrospective data reports

  • Archiving of backward battery voltage, temperature, internal resistance, SOC and SOH
  • Backward Voltage and SOC graph for battery strings
  • Charge and discharge history
  • Battery alarms and system alarms

Archiving and Advanced Setup Functions

  • Storage of retrospective system data such as charge, discharge, battery alarm on the system
  • Adding user accounts and changing their permissions
  • Naming parameters such as UPS name, location, battery string, battery amount, battery capacity