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Central Management Software

SmartPack monitors, manages and reports your environmental and energy data in locations such as Data Centers, Multi-Branch Enterprises and Remote stations.

Asset 2-8

Environmental Monitoring

SmartPack, monitoring environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, air quality

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring the energy consumption of your IT and infrastructure equipment in your facility

Power and PUE Analysis

Ensuring your energy efficiency in your Data Center and System rooms

Creating Alarms

Creating alarms for threshold values that users can set


System control of scenarios created on alarms


Creating historical environment and energy monitoring reports

Map Support

Monitoring locations on online and offline maps


Invoicing over the electricity consumption of our equipment


Providing users with access to devices with role-based access control

Camera Support

High resolution camera support


Wide variety of 3rd party device integration

Integration for all kinds of software services with wide protocol support

Entry / Exit Control System

Card door entry and exit monitoring system 

Easy Installation and Use

Easy setup and user friendly interface

Central monitoring

Web interface that allows monitoring multiple locations on a single screen

Single Line Diagrams

Dynamic alarm and visualization feature with visuals of single line schemes of your facility


Alarm on the dynamic diagram of the location

SmartPack Environmental Monitoring Reports

  • Temperature, humidity, air flow, air quality, energy, etc.
  • Water leakage, smoke, shaking, movement, etc. alarm reports
  • Remote station reports
  • Connection error reports

SmartPack Energy Monitoring Reports

  • Efficient energy usage (PUE) reports
  • Carbon emission reports
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Energy cost reports
  • Cooling capacity reports
  • Energy trend reports
  • Cooling and energy capacity reports