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SYSGuard 3001 allows monitoring and managing of environmental parameters in order to ensure the continuity of the IT infrastructure of your computer rooms and your small-scale Data Center with a wide range of sensor options and user-friendly interface. It provides high-level monitoring and management together with the advanced central management software that can be chosen optionally.


Flexible Solution

With a wide variety of sensor options, SYSGuard 3001 provides computer rooms and small-scale Data Center with; temperature, humidity, water tightness, smoke, etc. sensors. It is a solution that allows the monitoring of critical environmental parameters, voltage control with dry contact and relay connections, and the creation of relevant alarm scenarios by interpreting related dry contact signals. Thanks to its flexible structure, the main unit protects your investment while enabling you to transform your computer room into a small-scale Data Center in the future.



Key Features

Linux Based Operating System  Ensures stable operation and future expansion thanks to the secure operating system
 Advanced Web Interface  User-friendly and feature-rich customizable interface for individual access
 Digital Auto-Calibrated Sensors  Stable sensors that are our own design with high precision and automatically calibrate numerically
 Graphic LCD Display  High-resolution graphic display
 Easy Plug & Play Sensor  Easy Sensor installation and commissioning



1 built-in temperature and humidity sensor  16 external sensor inputs
 16 dry contact inputs  4 relay outputs
 4 analog or water sensing cable inputs  Advanced alarm system
 Management, Data monitoring and reporting of different devices  SNMP support