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Unmanned remote locations like for example GSM base stations, military shelters , transformer stations and so on are often exposed to the effects of severe weather conditions. Also they can also be located in areas where physical access is difficult

Our environment monitoring and energy management solutions can help you to increase the reliability and reduce the costs of those remote locations.

Our solutions offer the following capabilities:
+ Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity values
+ Water leakage control
+ Smoke, motion and door access control
+ Airflow and air quality control
+ Day / Night IP camera integration
+ RS-232, RS-485, Mod Bus, SNMP etc. Monitoring of devices related to generator, UPS, air conditioning systems and other critical information infrastructure over protocols
+ Monitoring of branch reactive power values via RS-485 module
+ Monitoring the network status of active devices
+ Energy Monitoring
+ Starting up generators, resetting IT network switches when necessary
+ Theft and sabotage
+ E-mail, SMS, voice call, etc. of alarm values that occur to predefined users. method of transmission