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Financial institutions, government offices, security units, insurance companies, as well as GSM base stations, telecom stations, TV-radio transmitter stations, military shelters, transformer stations and similar unmanned remote stations are generally exposed to the effects of heavy weather conditions in all seasons in indoor and outdoor environments. However, they can also be located in areas where physical access is difficult. Exagate provides remote station environment monitoring and energy management systems solutions in order to ensure continuity of service quality and to save service costs.

Our solutions for monitoring and managing the remote environment and energy values ​​of indoor and outdoor data cabinets and system rooms in these stations are summarized as follows:

  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity values
  • Water leakage control
  • Smoke, motion and door access control
  • Air flow and air quality control
  • Day / Night IP camera integration
  • RS-232, RS-485, Mode Bus, SNMP etc. Monitoring of generators, UPS, air conditioning systems and other critical information infrastructure related devices through protocols
  • Monitoring of branch reactive power values ​​via RS-485 module Monitoring the network status of active devices
  • Energy Monitoring Commissioning of generators, resetting of informatics network switches when necessary
  • Theft and sabotage


  • Send alarm values ​​to predefined users by e-mail, SMS, voice call, etc. transmitting by methods Professional recording and reporting of the values ​​created
  • Monitoring and management of remote stations from a single center thanks to pre-defined user levels and special software integration