Exagate, Environment, Energy Monitoring and Management Solutions for Data Centers and Multi-Branch IT Infrastructures

Data Centers are a central location where computers, networking equipment and other IT equipment are concentrated to allow the collection, storage, processing, distribution or access of large amounts of data. The maximum level of service time in Data Centers makes system operability permanent. On the other hand, energy efficiency directly affects the overall performance and investment profitability.


Solutions for monitoring and managing critical environment and energy values ​​on the basis of the Data Center Cabinet and general Data Center depend on more than one variable.


In order to keep these values ​​at the desired levels, Exagate enables professional monitoring and management on the basis of data center and data center cabinet, thanks to its software and hardware, general and special solutions in the form of environmental monitoring systems, IP PDU power distribution units and energy management systems.


Monitoring of ambient values: temperature, humidity, water leak detection, smoke, air flow control, movement, door access and light intensity, etc.

Monitoring of electrical values ​​and different device values: current, voltage, power, power factor, energy consumption (thanks to smart power distribution units) and 3rd party device integration (e.g. UPS, transformer, generator, air conditioning systems – sensitive air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems etc.)

SMS, e-mail and voice call etc. Transmission of alarm information to predefined points by methods such as

Monitoring and management of all centers and branches from a single center with predefined user levels

Professional recording and reporting of the created values

Monitoring of IP cameras

You can see the products available for each data center and IT infrastructure, from large to small, offered by Exagate. For detailed information, please contact us.

Financial institutions, government offices, security units, insurance companies, as well as GSM base stations, telecom stations, TV-radio transmitter stations, military shelters, transformer stations and similar unmanned remote stations are generally exposed to the effects of heavy weather conditions in all seasons in indoor and outdoor environments. However, they can also be located in areas where physical access is difficult. Exagate provides remote station environment monitoring and energy management systems solutions in order to ensure continuity of service quality and to save service costs.


Our solutions for monitoring and managing the remote environment and energy values ​​of indoor and outdoor data cabinets and system rooms in these stations are summarized as follows:


Monitoring of temperature and humidity values

Water leakage control

Smoke, motion and door access control

Air flow and air quality control

Day / Night IP camera integration

RS-232, RS-485, Mode Bus, SNMP etc. Monitoring of generators, UPS, air conditioning systems and other critical information infrastructure related devices through protocols Monitoring of branch reactive power values ​​via RS-485 module Monitoring the network status of active devices Energy Monitoring Commissioning of generators, resetting of informatics network switches when necessary Theft and sabotage Send alarm values ​​to predefined users by e-mail, SMS, voice call, etc. transmitting by methods Professional recording and reporting of the values ​​created Monitoring and management of remote stations from a single center thanks to pre-defined user levels and special software integration

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Exagate offers professional solutions for monitoring critical environment parameters of data cabinets and system rooms as Multi-Branch or individual. Temperature, humidity, water leak or flood, smoke, air flow, movement, shake, door access and light intensity level, etc., thanks to various and different sensors. critical parameters can be monitored.

Our solution, which allows the IT infrastructure of your medium and large-scale Data Center to be secured with a wide range of sensor options and 3rd party (external) device integration, allows professional monitoring and management of environmental parameters with a user-friendly interface, an optional advanced It provides high level monitoring and management together with central management software.


Hardware monitoring with Main Units and Sensors • Temperature

  • Humidity
  • Water leak or flood (via Water Detection cable)
  • Air flow
  • Energy analysis, voltage, current, frequency, reactive power, capacitive power, power factor, etc. over 3 phases.
  • Smoke

Door status, open / closed

  • Motion Detector
  • Proximity Pass Integration

IP camera

  • All dry contact & digital input support

All analog input support

Software monitoring via SMARTPack Software, all different types of device integrations (RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, Jbus etc … and SNMP)

  • UPS, Generator, Fine Air Conditioner, Rectifier, Energy Analyzers, Telecom Equipment etc.….


  • E-mail
  • Voice call
  • Via SMARTPack Software
  • Signal Tower and Audible Warning
  • Via LCD module
  • SNMP trap via network etc …


Hardware based management

Air conditioners, lighting ship owners, any external 3rd party device on the electrical infrastructure of electronic devices can be electrically switched on and off via the Exagate relay output or can be managed through the Exagate power distribution unit PDU.

Software based management

Any external 3rd party device, if it supports RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, SNMP etc. It can be managed over connections and protocols.


  • Creating periodic analysis reports.
  • Risk Management
  • Control of infrastructure costs
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing the service quality

Exagate SYSGuard 2001 & 3001 & 6001 main units and related rich sensor options allow precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, door access, smoke, shake, fan air flow, water leakage and other important parameters related to the ambient condition of the cabinet. In addition, SMARTPack allows you to centrally monitor and manage all cabinets and 3rd party devices in your IT infrastructure with its professional central management software.

While Exagate provides total monitoring and management of all critical cabinet parameters with its environmental monitoring solution, SMARTPack software offers a central monitoring and management solution including external devices.

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Energy consumption is the most important problem of Data Centers and Remote Stations and must be well monitored and managed. Being aware of the importance of this issue, Exagate offers complete POWERGuard IP PDU, Inline Meter smart power distribution units and SMARTPack central management software solution. In this way, you can determine the right energy budgets and reduce energy costs. Exagate POWERGuard IP PDU group and Inline Meter allow you to monitor and manage the following critical parameters.

  • Cabinet Energy Supply
  • Energy Use Efficiency (PUE)
  • Energy consumption
  • Carbon footprint
  • Energy Costs
  • UPS Load

Exagate POWERGuard PDU and Inline Meter power distribution and measurement units, thanks to its product family and related rich sensor options, can precisely monitor the cabinet’s energy and ambient conditions in a precise manner such as V, A, kWh, temperature, humidity, door access, smoke, water leakage. ensures precise monitoring of parameters. In addition, SMARTPack allows you to centrally monitor and manage all cabinets and 3rd party devices in your IT infrastructure with its professional central management software.

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Seamless continuity is an important element in operational locations with critical business infrastructures, such as data centers, data processing rooms and data distribution panels or remote stations. The maintenance, service and cleaning of these areas are important in terms of avoiding malfunctions and extending the life of the equipment.

For this reason, energy and cooling devices of high importance, which are included in the IT infrastructures of Data Centers and Remote Stations and operate independently, should be monitored professionally on the media competence. If equipment with such critical tasks is not properly controlled, it is inevitable that data centers will lose efficiency in the continuity of the working time, which is one of the biggest problems faced by data centers. Thanks to the sensors in Exagate’s wide product family and our company’s SMARTPack software, in white areas where servers and critical equipment are located; It can obtain the desired data by communicating with dry contacts and other physical connections through protocols such as SNMP, RS-232, RS-485.

With SMARTPack smart software and sensors, environment control of transformers, power generators, UPS, sensitive air conditioners, 3rd party IP PDUs, energy analyzers, ATS, rectifier and similar devices are provided. For detailed information, please refer to the products link. Click to contact our sales representative.

Data center managers are looking for this type of fully automated data center to achieve higher levels of scalability.

Real-time monitoring of critical parameters of the IT structures of Data Centers and Remote Stations, as well as vital 3rd party devices, is critical for efficient management of the data center.

This is where Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solutions come into play. DCIM enables data center operators to gain a real-time view of their entire infrastructure from a single software. By eliminating IT and facility silos, these solutions provide a real-time perspective on IT and facility equipment, power, space and cooling capacity, asset and workflow management, and make many other metrics visible and applicable.

With the DCIM solution deployed, mission critical facility operators can gain a clear view of the location of their assets and real-time data on the resources they pull. More importantly, they can be fully aware of where they are in the life cycle of their assets, what changes are taking place, and other relevant and critical data. In this way, by obtaining all data from sensors and integrated devices, detailed analysis and reporting of environment monitoring, energy and cooling parameters, capacity utilization of your infrastructure and future traceability can be obtained.

While Central Management reveals your system functionality, it also allows you to create your energy consumption strategies, which is the biggest cost element today and is gradually increasing. For detailed information, please refer to the products link. Click to contact our sales representative.

IP PDUs are networked power distribution units that increase the efficiency of data centers with real-time remote power monitoring. By providing a smarter IT infrastructure, IP PDUs can prevent problems before they arise. They reduce the cost thanks to the advantages they bring to the working time in terms of price performance. These PDUs consist of 4 main groups.

Metered IP PDU – measures the total current, allowing the data obtained both locally and over the network to be displayed locally and over the network

Metered & Switched IP PDU -> Total current IP PDU with circuit breaker can make sense by measuring the total current, while it can be switched on and off remotely thanks to its hydraulic magnetic relay and enables local or network management for emergencies.

Outlet Metered IP PDU – provides measurement per socket as well as total current measurement, allowing the energy consumption of each connected device to be monitored both locally and over a network.

Outlet Metered & Switched IP PDU – These PDUs, which can measure total and per socket, have local and network control and on / off functions thanks to their relay feature.

If we talk about the technical features of each IP PDU;

  • Measuring Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Real Power, Energy (kWh), Power Factor
  • 1% measurement accuracy
  • Ability to maintain measurement accuracy up to 60 ° C
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Network connection with RJ-45
  • Cascade feature
  • Ambient monitoring sensor support – up to 4 smoke, humidity, temperature, air flow etc.

One of the most important values ​​that a data center should pay attention to is the PUE of the data center. PUE is power usage efficiency or power usage efficiency. PUE is calculated as the ratio of the total energy consumed by a facility to the IT staff in that facility. PUE should be an average value over a year in order to properly assess the effect of ambient temperature when calculating. The PUE is intended to be used to document the efficiency of an individual data center over time. IP PDUs play a critical role in calculating this PUE value spent in the data center, thanks to their embedded linux software. It is among the arrangements that can be made to keep the PUE value at efficient levels. The most important application that can be done to improve the PUE value is that IT equipment can regularly measure this. The IP PDU that can be used for this will greatly benefit in showing where and how much power consumption in data centers is consumed. Please click on the link to see energy monitoring solutions as Exagate.

MOBESE outdoor cabinets are located in crowded and selected points of the city in order to reduce crime rates and to ensure security, especially in city centers. The physical and IT infrastructures of these cabinets must be in continuous operation in order to maintain their 24/7 functionality.

Thanks to the rich sensor options for Exagate SYSGuard 2001 & 3001 & 6001 main units or custom-designed main units, MOBESE enables precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, door access, smoke, shake, fan air flow and other critical parameters related to the ambient condition of the cabinet. It provides. In addition, SMARTPack allows you to centrally monitor and manage the IT infrastructures of all cabinets from a single point, by professionally performing UPS device integrations with its professional central management software.

With Exagate MOBESE cabinet monitoring solution, it professionally performs the IT infrastructures of all cabinets and the total and central monitoring and management of integrated devices such as UPS and cabinet fans, regardless of their number.